Qualitative + Quantitative Analytics: How to discover hidden product insights
As product managers, we use at least one product analytics tool. But does the data in front of us actually help our decision-making process? Unfortunately, we often find ourselves spending more time than necessary trying to understand the data.

In this practical session, John we'll discuss how you can use an effective combination of quantitative and qualitative analytics to achieve powerful knowledge on your desktop and/or mobile product. He'll discuss today's new product cycle, efficient workflows, and hands-on use cases/examples that have worked for top brands such as eBay, Starbucks, and Kayak.

You will see first-hand how by using these two powerful tools together you can save time, make better data-driven decisions, advance your understanding of your users, and increase conversions.
John Sela
Chief Marketing Officer, AppSee
John (Yanay) is a world-renown marketer and an authority on product-hacking. He is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Appsee. Previously, Yanay served as a CMO for Galatea (acquired in 2015) and held several executive roles in enterprise digital agencies. He also functions as a professor of marketing at the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya, and as an advisory director and board member for several early to mid-stage startups. He received both his bachelor's degree and MA in Economics from Bar-Ilan University, and his Global MBA from IDC.
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