Launching products in new markets: How Singaporean Wego became the biggest travel brand in Saudi Arabia
Сложность: Средняя
Язык доклада: русский
Тип: Доклад
Only six years ago no one at Singaporean travel marketplace Wego could speak Arabic let alone know what is Haram or Halal.
Nowadays Wego has 10M MAU who are young, mobile, with high disposable income, live in the Gulf countries, and skewed to last-minute trip planning. Well localised product, launched in Saudi Arabia at the right time, on the right platform was the key to success.
I will share our product localisation journey, and deep dive into topics like what RTL is, why product localisation goes way beyond content translation, and what you need to drop when localising your product for the Middle East (a zip code field, for example).
Анна Трушкина
Director, Product Management (Hotels & Activities) -
Anna's currently holding a position of Director, Product Management (Hotels & Activities) at Wego, the leading travel marketplace in the Middle East with 20M+ app downloads. As part of the company's senior management team, her efforts are focused on constantly revolutionizing assigned product verticals, marketplace design, and reporting platforms.
Prior to this, she worked on a localization team at a well-established Australian OTA (later acquired by Expedia), and had also headed the operations of a traditional offline travel agency.
Her biggest passion lies in transforming large data-sets into insights, solutions, and opportunities.
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