Experiental Innovations: How to move from incremental improvements to revolutionary changes in customer relationships
Сложность: Средняя
Язык доклада: English
Тип: доклад
Customer experience is a great tool for differentiation in a highly competitive market. But product owners and marketing specialist often make mistakes while they map customer journey and apply it wrongly.

In his report, Michael will explain how to use Relationship Dynamics, how to map and use behavioral scenarios to influence customer behavior and how to move from incremental improvements to radical or revolutionary changes in customer relationships step by step. Also you will know how to properly apply Customer Journey Mapping for specific life or business events.
Michael Ruckman
CEO&Founder, Senteo Inc
During the past 30+ years, Michael has worked as a consultant to banks, retailers, technology companies, telecoms, and even governments in more than 30 countries.

Michael is most known for his extensive experience and successful transformation project delivery in the area of customer experience, relationship management, and loyalty.

His work portfolio includes large-scale projects for brands such as Abbey National (Santander), Alfa-Bank, Atlantico (Millennium BCP), BNP-Paribas, CBRE, Citibank, IBM, ING, Ivanhoe Cambridge, The Georgian Ministry of Justice, Telefonica, Wembley Stadium, and many others.

Michael is also known as the creator and main presenter of educational courses and master classes.

One of his courses is a Customer Experience Certification Program, featured by Forrester Research as one of the 6 most valuable programs on a customer experience.

He is also the creator and main presenter of a course called "The Art of Experience" that highlights the key areas where "front-line customer experience" is needed the most in order to gain trust and loyalty among customers. Overall, more than 25,000 people have participated in this course.

Michael is a keynote speaker at conferences organized by Future Business, Bank Administration Institute, European Financial Management Association, Customer Experience Forums, CRM Solutions and others.

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