Culture is not your friend
Сложность: Средняя
Язык доклада: English
Тип: доклад
In technology, country borders don't exist.
Today, engineers and designers in our teams can hail from anywhere in the world. Yet many of us struggle to work with people from other cultures, and many of us witnessed cultural conflicts that damaged team performance. Knowing how often our behavior and communication don't translate, what can we do to help our teams work better?

In his talk, Evgeny will show how cross-cultural conflicts can erode trust in product teams and offer strategies for dealing with cultural issues.
Evgeny Lazarenko
Product Manager, Grab
Originally from Moscow, Evgeny has spent almost 10 years in Asia where he worked in massively diverse teams. After moving to Singapore in 2013 and starting his career in product management, he grew a passion for product education and community building. That led him to organize ProductTank Singapore community, teach at General Assembly and NewCampus, and speak at local product events.

Now he works with Grab, a Southeast Asian decacorn. There, he not only builds software products, but also works towards establishing an Agile community of practice. As a product leader, Evgeny is most interested in helping teams grow from good to great, and he believes that smooth cross-cultural communication plays a key role in achieving that.
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