How do you read the mind of a billion users - Experimentation at the world's largest dating app
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At the core of every great product lies the solution resulted from a deep understanding of users' needs and pain points
In this discovery of user behavior - good experimentation becomes the greatest driving force behind product decisions for both start-ups and scale-ups.

In this talk, I am going to take the audience through some key snippets on how experimentation helps Magic Lab guide its product decisions and rapidly scale multiple dating apps including Badoo and Bumble.

I will also be presenting a framework on how product teams can have an experimentation driven product development process that ensures there is a 'continuous analysis into user behavior' guiding every single product decision at scale.
Suhas Vadyaraju
Mobile Product Manager, Badoo Limited
I am an entrepreneur turned product manager passionate about building products led by data. I have started my career as a software developer and later started one of India's first hyperlocal fashion marketplaces-, after pivoting it into an E-commerce software consultancy, I left for Paris to study MBA at HEC Paris (#2 B -School in Europe).

I briefly worked for Societe Generale in their Strategy Consulting division and later joined Magic Lab as a PM for Lumen -- one of the best dating apps for over 50s.

I am currently the Product Manager for Bumble and the in-house experimentation platform used to run 100s of split tests on Badoo and Bumble.
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