Don't sell your CV, sell your value
Сложность: Средняя
Язык доклада: английский
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What´s there, when nothing´s left? What remains with customers of a brand when there is no product anymore?
The success of great brands is that they inspire their customers and sell true value. Steve Jobs didn´t just introduce new products, he addressed people with that mindset of "thinking different". This makes people being loyal to the brand until today.

When you start thinking of your team as a brand, what is it that sticks with others? What's their reason to believe? As product manager you don´t get your team to go down the road together with you by boasting with 20 companies you worked at.

Sell to them your value! Give them the best reason to follow you by igniting the spark that alights their fire. This talk provides a 5-step approach to see your team as a brand with a strong brand essence, value and identity.
Sabrina Rzepka
Lead Product Owner
As digital Product Manager at heart, Sabrina is thriving to build delightful product experiences. Through holding several roles in genuinely agile and lean organizations from start-ups to global corporations, she has been working with and was growing various development teams.

On her product management blog she shares personal stories and practical tips with hungry product peers.
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