Thoughtful growth mindset
In this presentation Fredrik will share his learnings about how to create a thoughtful growth mindset.

He will conceptually talk about how Product Manager can both set up themselves and their teams for success in the world of rapidly growing users bases – without losing sight of the quality of the users.

Beyond this Fredrik will also go deeper into techniques for how to go from data all the way to actionable insights and product implementations.
Fredrik Johansson
Senior Product Manager for Growth Insights, Spotify
Fredrik Johansson is a Senior Product Manager at Spotify focused on insights and strategies related to growth. Fredrik has been with Spotify for more than seven years and seen the company grow from a smaller startup to the full scale and global company it is today. In his current role Fredrik and his team are fully focused on finding news ways to grow the company's user base and to strategically understand and balance the company's growth portfolio.
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