How Smart are Smart Things?
A look to the era of 'smart' devices and how design can save the world. In recent years we are hearing more and more about the advent of smart objects, from the smart alarm to the smart fridge, connected light bulbs to connecting our toaster to the Internet.

Do we really need all this?

It is clear that something exciting but very strange is happening in the world of connected technology. To put it simply, when it comes to connected devices, we design a lot of 'useless' things. Is 'smart' dumb?

In this presentation Avi Itzkovitch will look critically to this era of 'smart' devices, examine what went wrong and how designers, entrepreneurs and product managers can utilize this era to create meaningful interactions with technology and save the world.
Avi Itzkovitch
UX Designer, Founder of UX Salon
Avi Itzkovitch is a long-time digital design professional with over 15 years of experience. Avi's passion lays in the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, emerging design and UX trends. Currently, Avi is working as an independent UX consultant; he's also the founder of UX Salon, an international UX Design conference in Tel Aviv.
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