Metrics with meaning
How well do you know what changes help or hinder you and the people that use your product?

In this talk, Rafael will present a framework used at Lifesum to promote, evaluate and improve behavioural change. They call it meaningful analytics, it's a model of the reasons why people want to use the product, how they behave while using it and ways to improve it.
Rafael Coimbra
Lead Designer, Alva Labs
Rafael Coimbra focuses on creating creating meaningful tools to enable life-long learning, happier and healthier lives. He is a designer, product manager and educator from Brazil based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Currently he leads a UX module at Hyper Island and leads product development at Alva, a startup focusing on helping teams to hire better using data science and psychology. Previously, he led a growth team at Lifesum, redesign of major airline, a new line of products for a major phone manufacturer.
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